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Choosing a wallpaper

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Probably, it occurred to many of us that the wallpaper chosen by a professional designer, we ourselves have seen many times, but we didn't even think about the fact that they could look perfect in our room. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to use the services of a professional, so you will have to comprehend all the subtleties of design art yourself.

As a rule, when choosing wallpaper, we follow our own taste, without thinking about the compliance of such an "outfit" with our room. In addition, few of us pay attention to the fact that the lighting in the sales area of the store can be very different from the lighting in our room, and, as a result, the wallpaper pasted in the room, with different lighting, begins to look completely different, often not as we would like. In most cases, wallpaper sellers offer standard combinations (one or two types of wallpaper with a border), with a border level marking from the floor or ceiling. However, this does not mean that you should buy the whole set, but it indicates the presence of various combinations, from which we will have to choose the option that suits us. At the same time, it should be remembered that the option that looks good on the sample may not only not be combined with the existing interior, but even enter into dissonance with the room.

Drawing Selection


One of the varieties of wallpaper drawings is a drawing depicting specific objects. The category of wallpaper with such drawings is often represented with the image of simple colors, although, in principle, the drawing can be anything. The main thing here is a repeating, in a certain sequence, picture: flowers, bouquets, boats, children's toys, etc. In this example, it should be remembered that the overall appearance of the room will largely depend on the size of the objects depicted, their contrast (clarity of highlighting against the general background) and the frequency of their location. The larger the objects drawn, the smaller the overall space of the room will seem, and vice versa, the smaller the drawing, the more spacious the room will seem.

Abstract drawings

Abstract drawings include: various patterns, arbitrary strokes and spots, all kinds of ornaments and other similar drawings that have one thing in common - it is impossible to determine exactly what is drawn. Individual fragments of such drawings, as well as in the example with specific objects, can be of different sizes, with different intensity and contour clarity. Therefore, abstract drawings give the same effect of visual perception of space as drawings with concrete objects.

Striped pattern

It has long been known that drawings with vertical stripes give the room a certain rigor and harmony, and also make the room visually higher and, at the same time, narrower. At the same time, the thinner the stripes are, the more noticeable the listed visual effects will be. If the design plan requires not only to make the ceiling higher, but also to preserve the original sense of space, drawings with wide stripes are usually used, the boundaries of which are blurred, with the selection of the necessary color scheme.

Designers especially like to combine striped wallpaper with plain wallpaper that has the tone of one of the stripes.

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