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Fear of strangers

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To overcome the child's fear of strangers, you can divide such work into parts. First you need to remove the thoughts that cause fear and anxiety. Measures should also be taken to create conditions so that the child can safely communicate with various strangers, and in different situations. To get rid of terrible thoughts, parents should organize the upbringing of the child in such a way that the child knows what is impossible and what is possible.
? It is necessary and possible to talk with people you know and who help in some way – sellers, doctors.
? If a stranger asks where you live or where your house is, then you cannot answer such questions. And when they ask about the time or how to get to a certain place, then you can answer such questions and you can ask yourself.
? It happens that a person can cause a feeling of anxiety, then you should tell your parents about it or call them if they are not around.
? In no case should you go with strangers, take gifts from them, get into a car.
? You should not ride with a stranger in an elevator, even if he lives in this house.
There should be few such rules, but they should be clearly outlined to the baby. This is done in order not to frighten the child.
You can discuss with the baby situations when he was scared in front of strangers. It's good to find out what exactly scared the kid, what he felt, what he was thinking. If the child formulates his thoughts correctly, it will be easier to understand his feelings. To make it easier for the child to formulate his own thoughts, you can try to draw thoughts with him that frighten him. Some comical silhouettes are added to these elements. Thus, together with the child, you can laugh that it's not scary, so there's nothing to be afraid of. It is also recommended to graphically transform thoughts. The thought is written on paper in round letters, then they are sharpened. You can do the opposite. The purpose of such images is also to make the recordings funny.
It is necessary to expand situations of communication with strangers. As soon as you have played in the store, it is good to send the child to the store for shopping. It is necessary to support the child when he wants to pay for travel, in a cafe, order something to the waiter. The main step is the tasks for the child, which are associated with the most terrible situations for him. It is advisable to keep a diary where all achievements should be recorded. It is definitely worth supporting children when they want to change, as well as helping in this. When adults themselves will show how to communicate with strangers, then the child will also succeed. Do you want to earn more crypto? Find best interest rates here!

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